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Sanction II Training

In-house Training

I typically train up to 8 students in a classroom setting. That classroom can be as formal as a training room with dedicated computers, or as informal as a conference room with my laptop and a screen with everyone watching and taking notes. Since I train across the country, I have the information typically needed for CLE certification readily available if needed. The rate is daily, half daily or hourly. There is also a discount for multi-day trainings held consecutively.

Remote Training

I now have the ability to conduct training remotely and have done so successfully with several firms from coast-to-coast. I use PowerPoint as the basis for training, and incorporate quizzes and a feedback form so whomever manages the training in-house has some sort of yardstick to ensure quality training. The rate is hourly, with no student limit.

Ad-hoc training

I have just started to conduct trainings where any individual or group can sign up for training, conducted in a conference room in an office located centrally in whichever city it's conducted. There is a per-person charge, and a minimum of registered students.

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