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brought to you by Rosen Technologies

I was introduced recently to a new software technology that just blew me away. Of all things, it's auto-coding software, which I was firmly convinced would take forever to come of age. Well, guess what? It's here, now. Lisa Rosen, owner of Rosen Technologies, demonstrated its capabilities, which was my first exposure to its wonderfulness. Then I went home and try to tear it apart (i.e. find weaknesses). I couldn't find any. It's a truly wonderful new software.

Which brings me to the reason for this page. I think it is such a compelling tool for our industry (Legal), that I decided to help empower all who I work with to with its usefulness in everyday litigation.

It's been a couple years now, and what a pleasure it's been getting to know Lisa, her staff and the incredible products she represents. Not only has ALCoder gotten better, but they've added a couple new softwares that have rocked the legal industry: POLARIS and ConceptuAL.

ALCoder is comprised of three different versions. Each accomplishes the same goal: extraction of relevant information, based on the OCR (or text) of documents, and subsequent creation of that information into indexed fields (i.e. coding):

ALCoder DB

ALCoder Workstation

ALCoder Premium

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