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Faegre and Benson

Due to the large amount of traffic that has visited this page, I guess I should write something here. If anyone can give me a clue as to why so many people are visiting this page, please email me!

After graduating college, I really wanted a job working in my field of study - Russian Area Studies - anything. When that didn't happen, I decided to try something different. I thought I might go to law school. To see if it might be up my alley, I decided to become a temp for law firms. Thus I was hired by Templeton & Associates (Hi Kari!), and immediately got sent to my first assignment - the second largest law firm in Minnesota - Faegre and Benson.

I was put to work as a 'coder', coding information off paper into a database. This was in the early days of computer-related data entry - we coded into a Paradox database. At the same time, as you probably see as you muck around on my website, I was beginning to blossom as a writer, expand my wings as a TV producer, and teach cooking. This was one of the most fervent times of my life, as far as trying out different things.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact I really liked the group of about 10 people I worked with, so I was really having fun making a wage. I loved the temp service people as well. Perhaps it had to do with the fact I felt very stable, finally working in a job that wasn't considered blue-collar (i.e. waiter). I really don't know - maybe it was something in the air or water.

In any case, feel free to look to the other areas that deal with my extracurricular activities. As far as Faegre the company goes, I have many stories to tell. Now that I've established why this page exists, I will move on to other areas of the site that need attention. Eventually I will tell these stories, so please - c'mon back when ya have the chance!

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