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While I have catered, hosted a cooking TV show, written restaurant reviews and taught, there is one thing I have done that has been the must fun and the most positive. I call it 'Cooking Lesson Dinner Party'. I consult with you on a menu that you wish to learn how to prepare. You invite up to five other guests to join in the adventure, mix in some wine for every course, and you have a fun experience, and a fabulous dinner at the same time. Because this is the single thing I have done over the years that has been most fun for all concerned, this type of event is the first I would consider.

An example of this is one of these dinners I have done in the past. The client wanted to learn how to prepare some of their favorite Italian foods. So we decided on the following menu:

Vegetarian Torta

Garlic Soup

Old World Ragu Lasagna

Portobello Salad


All guests participate in preparation of various courses, as they wish. After each course is done, we all sit down and eat, with a different wine selected for each course. Afterwards, everyone rotates. Yummy!

I'd also be happy to consider catering an event, but it might take a pretty special affair, as I am quite busy (and happy) consulting in the legal field.

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