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As an independent entity, I am hoping I can help people in a variety of ways:  

First, I am a seasoned software trainer, specifically for the legal community. I have been training Summation iBlaze for over 14 years. Concordance has certified me to train their products as well, for over eight years. TrialDirector, CaseMap and now Eclipse! You can find them, as well as my training philosophy, by clicking on the Legal Software link.  

I am also a professional chef. Although I have focused the past several years in helping the legal community, I still love to prepare menus for very special occasions. My culinary focus is best represented in my cookbook, This Is Delicious! What Is It?. The Chef link will let you know all I have cooked up over the years.

Last, but not least, I am a writer for hire. I have worked for three years as a reporter for three publications, and my newest (and only, for the moment) book has been released in the realm of cooking - This Is Delicious! What Is It?. You can read more about it in other areas of this site. The only writing I have yet not tackled is fiction.


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