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Nijmegen March

I was so very fortunate to part in this most famous of European marches the last year of my Army stint in Germany. It is quite an event, let me tell you. Military teams from all over the world converge on Nijmegen, Netherlands to take on a four-day, 100 mile plus march. Teams camp out in tents, and countries tend to congregate around each other. The really cool thing is not so much the march, as much as it is the camaraderie and ability to mingle with militaries from everywhere. The year I was there was the first year the Russians made an appearance, which was really cool! 

Nijmegen is a very beautiful city, and the weather is about perfect. The Dutch also have a huge party in conjunction with this event, thus everyone gets to join in on the fun. Please take a gander at the additional information in the links to the left!

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