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Sue, my sister

My sister and I, being quite close, have had a sometimes volatile relationship - thank goodness for adulthood!  She now has a very cool husband, a gorgeous daughter, and handsome son.  They reside in Parker, Colorado, in a very nice house, with a dog named Skippy.

Rick, her husband

Rick is originally from Duluth, and has a great job here in Denver, working for Lucent Technology..  He works an awful lot, and manages to give his family a very nice standard of living.


Tina, as she is affectionately known, is a doll.  She is very involved in school, and does very well, having made the National Honor society, among several other honors.  She is on her way to Med school, currently a student at CSU, a great college in Ft. Collins (a little north of Denver).


Robert - and it is 'Robert' (not Bob or Bobby), is a very active young man.  He is involved in several different sports, and boy - can he draw good!  Some day, Robert is gonna break some hearts, but until then, he's got lots of school to conquer.


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