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My Mom

My mom, otherwise known as Diana, is one of my heroes.  She is always active, whether it is doing some sort of craft, cooking for her husband Duffy or attending class in a nearby city, she leads a very active lifestyle.  She currently works at a sublime grocery story called Byerly's in the wealthy Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka, where she has worked for quite awhile.   Mom loves cats, and cares for many, as they really help with the mouse population at the farm she lives on and they simply keep her and Duffy company.

Duffy, her husband

His actual name is Robert, Duffy being his last name, but everyone calls him by his surname.  Duffy is retired, and loves to putz around their turn-of-the-century home, close to a picaresque lake in Waverly (birthplace and former home of Hubert H. Humphrey).   Unfortunately, Waverly is located about 50 miles to the east of downtown Minneapolis, so I did not have many chances to go see them, but it is a nice place to live.

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