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Waverly, Minnesota

Former hometown of Hubert H. Humphrey

While my mom's husband, Duffy, has lived here most of his life, my Mom is a relative newcomer. I have even spent time living here for two short periods of my adult life. It is located about an hour due west of Minneapolis. It is primarily a farming community, although the area is anchored by Lakes Waverly (little and big). It has a very small population, although that seems to be changing as über-urban seekers are moving here to be as far from the city life as possible, yet within driving distance to the city. I tried it and hated the hour drive each way. But that's just me! I have a poem in my upcoming book of poetry dedicated to this city.

For more information regarding this important historical rural community, please click on the following links:

The city of Waverly's official website

Waverly area's newspaper, the Herald Journal

Waverly Chamber of Commerce site

Click here for more information regarding the former vice president and U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Hubert. H. Humphrey

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