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I am a writer.  Every once in a while, I catch myself saying, 'when I become a writer'.  What I am really saying is, 'when my writing has become so wildly popular, I cannot walk down the street unrecognized'.  Which, of course, may be awhile (did you just say, 'posthumously'?). 

I am a poet, with limited publishing credentials.  However, I am quite an active writer, with about three collections to my credit thus far.

I was also a reporter for Lavender Magazine, a bi-weekly publication distributed throughout the Upper-Midwest.  I was the restaurant reviewer and sports writer for a year, took some time off, and then did miscellaneous stories.  You can visit Lavender's website at , and either view the current issue, or peruse the archives (I loved doing restaurant reviews  - go figure!).

OutFront Colorado, a bi-weekly publication, was next.  I have thus far done a very eclectic collection of stories, which I find exhilarating - getting to know the Denver/Colorado scene.

As an independent consultant for the legal community, I find myself doing more technical writing than ever before. Unfortunately, it would bore the tears out of most of you.

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