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I am a chef.  Not a formally trained chef, mind you, but chef nonetheless.  I began seriously cooking while stationed in Germany, after having been inspired by the Danish film, "Babette's Feast'.  Rent it, it's a good one.

I cooked nearly every day for the year following, experimenting with everything I could get my hands on.  It was thus that I discovered world regional cooking fascinated me the most, and is the best way I describe my cooking now.

After leaving Germany, things got kinda crazy.  While in college, I tried to cater, but it was way too much work.  Then I thought, gosh, it would be fun to do a cable TV show, which I did off and on for about three years.  It was very rewarding, however, it was even more work than catering.  I moved on to teaching adults cooking techniques, which turned not to be as rewarding as I optimistically thought would be.

Thus I ended up doing restaurant reviews for a local magazine, and WOWEE, what fun!   But the assignment ended, and my year of the ultimate job ended.   Thus it is now that hope to share with you all a different recipe of mine periodically.

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