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Wow! I couldn't believe how much stuff there is out there on DLI! Thus it is I have decided to share all the links that I discovered while preparing this portion of my site. Please let me know if any are no longer in existence, or if any have been particularly helpful.

The Army's official site for this installation. Ignore the home page, and click on About The Installation - you'll learn the history of it.

The Monterey Language Capital Advocates (MLCA) is a nonprofit, public-private coalition whose members have been working as a unit to spread the word that the city of Monterey is The Language Capital of The World.

The Fedaration of American Scientists has a nice collection of information regarding DLI and associated information. 

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center General Catalog. It is the official online publication of DLIFLC materials.

Tour the Monterey Defense Language Institute (DLI) at the historic Presidio with Dr. James McNaughton and Shigeya Kihara as narrators. This looked like the link most likely to disappear the quickest, but has some cool info and links,

Someone else's take on their experience there; A Texan takes French.

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), online. Has some really cool capabilities!


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