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513 MI BDE
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Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey

This was my very first duty station, after all my training was said and done. I belonged to the 513th Military Intelligence Group, 174th MI Co.. It was a very tight-knit unit, and I learned a lot stationed here.

Ft. Monmouth itself is home to the US Military Academy Prep School and the Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), among a few other units. Ft. Monmouth has changed a lot since I was there, as the 513th MI Group (now the 513th MI Brigade) was relocated to Ft. Gordon, GA in 1994. I am not sure what exactly has happened to my old unit subordinate to the 513th. The last thing I could find was a reference to the 174th MI Co. deployed to Desert Storm back in 1990. If anyone can enlighten me, I would be appreciative, and give you a plug right here!

As for those of you looking to find out more about the area, I know I had a lot of fun when I was stationed here. NYC is only an hour train ride away, and the beach is only 15 minutes away. The city of Eatontown, New Jersey is right next to the base.

More for you to link to over to the left! Also, if you happen to know French, someone has written a very nice history of the 513th here.

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